Words from Pastor Randy : August 2012

A testimony from Coach Lee Ozmint

“My story begins and ends with Jesus Christ. As you may see, my story is one of mercy and grace. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God offers me mercy by not giving me what I do deserve – which is death and separation from Him due to my own sins. God’s grace is given to me by offering me what I do not deserve – a personal relationship with Him, peace, joy, and the many simple gifts that I enjoy each day.

I have been blessed beyond measure; however, not necessarily by success, money, prestige, or any other measure of what we call “success”. God has blessed me with the truth and reliability of His Word. By daily examining and measuring my life by His Word, I regret to share with you, that I fail Him.

However, He never fails me. In spite of my own weaknesses, stupidity, selfish pride, and shortsightedness (all of it sin), He has blessed me with peace, love, and joy beyond limits. I am not defined by my sins anymore. I am not defined by my successes or failures as a coach. I am defined by my relationship with Jesus Christ, my Savior, my Father, my Friend. That is who I am.

Because that is who I am, as an overflow of His mercy and grace, I am driven to serve Him by serving others every day in the ministry that He has chosen for me – by coaching boys into manhood. MeadowBrook Baptist Church, has supported me every step along the way. MeadowBrook is a great place to do God’s work alongside God’s people. It is a church that ministers to the needs of ALL of God’s children, not just the ones attending church on Sunday morning and Wednesday night.

If you do not have a church home, or are in need of a spiritual change, or simply want to find a purpose to live for larger than yourself, let me encourage you to come visit us at Meadowbrook Baptist Church.”

Lee Ozmint is married to Leigh; they are fondly referred to as “He Lee” and “She Leigh” by the MeadowBrook staff. They have two sons, Thomas (16) and Pace (14). Lee played defensive back for the University of Alabama, All-SEC in 1988, and now is the head football coach at Glencoe High School.

The Ozmints have been members of MeadowBrook for nearly a decade. Lee teaches high school boys Life Group Sunday School at 9:30 AM and Leigh teaches high school girls.    

Lee’s testimony will also be featured in the upcoming 2012 edition of Pigskin Roundup “the magazine”.