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Global Missions


South Sudan


Pajok is our first partnership in South Sudan. MeadowBrook has sent three teams into Pajok between December 2012 and July 2013, before the civil war broke out, in order to help them establish a CHE program. The goal of the CHE program is to bring about transformation that only God can bring through His power and His Gospel to individuals, families, and the entire community.

Church Planters

MeadowBrook has begun a relationship with a group of approximately 17 South Sudanese church planters who are based in 6 communities, but are targeting nearly 30 communities over the next several years to plant churches among. Every few months we send a team over to train these church planters in various topics that include: How to prepare and deliver a sermon, CHE community development strategy, Old Testament and New Testament Survey, Christian Doctrine, How to Model what a Christian Marriage and Family Look Like, Discipleship and Raising up Leaders, etc. These are the guys who will make a great impact that ripples through the nation of South Sudan, for the glory of the King!


Bethel Covenant College

Bethel is a newer partnership for MeadowBrook that began with us gifting several hundred Bibles for the many students there that did not have a personal copy of God’s Word. The door is opening for us to go back to Bethel several times per year in order to build relationships with the students and disciple them in the Word through various means.

Dominican Republic


Cuenda is our first CHE partnership in the Dominican Republic. Like Pajok, South Sudan, we have sent several teams there in order to help establish a CHE program that will have long-lasting effects that lead to the transformation of the community through the power of the Gospel.

Lily House

Lily House is a rescue ministry reaching women enslaved in the darkness of prostitution in the Dominican Republic. They work with a team of SCORE International missionary women and Dominican women from the local churches to share the Gospel each week on streets where women are believing Satan’s lies. While young boys are encouraged to escape poverty through baseball, young girls are pushed to prostitution. They take the Word and hygiene gifts, health information and love to ladies each week. Once they decide to leave street life, they are welcomed at Lily House with their children and given the opportunity to thrive through SPIRITUAL discipleship, EMOTIONAL counseling, and PHYSICAL vocational training and needed medical care.